Damnation & Dames

Damnation & Dames cover
Damnation & Dames

This paranormal noir anthology brings you sixteen stories of murder and mayhem, monsters and mysterious femme fatales.

Edited by Liz Grzyb & Amanda Pillar

Released in 2012


  • Lindsy Anderson – The Third Circle
  • Chris Bauer – Three Questions and One Troll
  • Alan Baxter & Felicity Dowker – Burning, Always Burning
  • Jay Caselberg – Blind Pig
  • M.L.D. Curelas – Silver Comes the Night
  • Karen Dent – A Case to Die For
  • Dirk Flinthart – Outlines
  • Lisa L. Hannett & Angela Slatter – Prohibition Blues
  • Donna Maree Hanson – Sangue Sella Notte
  • Rob Hood – Walking the Dead Beat
  • Joseph L Kellogg – The Awakened Adventure of Rick Candle
  • Pete Kempshall – Sound and Fury
  • Chris Large – One Night at the Cherry
  • Penelope Love – Be Good Sweet Maid
  • Nicole Murphy – The Black Star Killer
  • Brian G. Ross – Hard Boiled

Cover design by Russell B. Farr


  • Anthology nominated for a Tin Duck Award


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4.5 rating based on 20 ratings (all editions)

ISBN-10: 192185703X
ISBN-13: 9781921857034
Goodreads: 13583631

Author(s): Publisher: Ticonderoga Publications
Published: 4//2012

Damnation & Dames is a collection of paranormal noir stories investigating the supernatural shadows surrounding classic crime. Inside this book are sixteen hand-picked stories, all original, featuring good guys, gumshoes, femme fatales, bootleggers, and gangsters: all your favourite noir characters mixed up with ghosts, giant monsters, faerie, vampires, and werewolves.